About Me

Sacri | they/them | INFP

Hello! I'm a self-taught artist with a bad habit of trying to hit CMD-Z when I'm drawing traditional.I'm obsessed with outfit design and it's been... 5 years, I believe!Outside of art, I play mobile games, watch anime and attempt to play the electric guitar.

Terms of Service


• Always credit me by linking back to my social profiles. If I do not exist on the platform, please link back to my deviantART.• Do not remove my signature.• Do not post any of my WIPs/progress photos.• Resale value must be equal to or less than the original price you paid for.• No commercial use.


The design refers to you redrawing the adopt/custom you bought from me. For TOS for using the original image, please refer to TOS (Art).• Please credit the first time you post/use the design. You may choose whether or not to credit for subsequent uses. However, please do not claim you made the design when asked.• Design edits are okay!• Keeping me notified of transfers is appreciated.• Resale value must be equal to or less than the original price you paid.• You can only co-own a P2U outfit if the character it is used for is also co-owned. Otherwise, you must pay to use the outfit!• No commercial use without purchasing a license• Regarding .png files for brushes & elements e.g. brushes/separate files for flowers/gems: I may reuse patterns in subsequent designs and other works. The rights the buyer has is only over the overall outfit design. Exceptions are made if it is explicitly clear in the beginning that the pattern is unique to your character (e.g. a fictional company logo, magical sigil etc.)

Commercial Rights

• Commercial rights for 1 design can be bought at an additional 50 USD. After this license has been bought, the design can be used commercially without credit (e.g. for vtubers, merch). Of course, if you still want to credit me, that would be awesome ♥• One exception is that value must be added to the design when it's used commercially i.e. don't turn it into a P2U /NFT etc.• NFTs from my art/design are not allowed at allIf unsure about what is okay, please contact me through dA/discord (sacri#6484)

Free-to Use (F2Us)

• Must be watching me on dA and have commented on the deviation
• Reuploading the image onto platforms such as TH/sta.sh/google drive is okay but you must always credit me.
• Do not crop the image when reuploading
• Do not redistribute to others who don’t watch me. This includes co-owning and when characters change owners. You must tell new owners about these TOS.
• Please do not sell my free adopts unless they have 5 or more commissioned artworks. This is also only for single-owned designs.


My Work

design ownership credits (left to right, top to bottom)
all of these are dA usernames
SpotEerie | ReuBunny | faeriegrove
teaunicorn | SacriHeid | Poxopi | RadiantDespair


• 10 - 15 USD (800 - 1200 points) per custom• I accept both dA points and PayPal (USD)• for commercial use, you have to pay an additional $50 per design intended for commercial use-----◦ this does not have to be decided immediately, you can always come back after the commission to purchase this license-----◦ commercial use means the design is involved in monetisation e.g. vtubers. There are some exceptions to this! Please read this for more details.


• highly prefer communicating through dA notes
• but I can also use Discord/email if that is your preference

Things I Can't/Won't Do

• please try not to send me character references containing heavy gore (other NSFW is okay), thank you!• please note that I generally do not alter my base to fit the character’s body type. However, I still pay attention to these details and will try to design outfits comfortable for each character!• explicit nsfw is a no-no for me to draw (means details of genitalia, gore etc.) But I am okay with drawing highly suggestive lingerie (done it before)• mecha/armour – I’m bad at it• real-life religious symbols (crosses/pentagrams etc.) – I just don’t feel comfortable with it ;w; I have no issues if you add them to the design yourself later on, though!『 ! 』I may decline other uncomfortable/difficult things that I can’t think of right now, but chances are if it’s not on this list, I’ll be able to do it!


1. Fill out the form and submit it through dA notes/Discord/email.2. If/When I accept, you must make full payment within 48 hours or I will cancel your commission.3. After payment is received, I will start on your commission. Lineart will be sent to you when it is completed.4. At this lineart stage, you may request changes to the design and I will tweak the design free of charge. Redos are also okay. However, if the design changes are very major, you can only choose one of the versions for me to use in the colouring stage. I will do what I wish with the other version.5. After the lines are approved, I will being colouring and adding more details. At this point, I will no longer change the lines. After colouring is completed, the files will be sent to you again for checking. It is okay if you realise the colours you listed in the form are not actually the ones you want. I will change the colours if you wish!6. Once the full design is approved, the commission period has ended and I cannot be asked to make further edits.


How many outfits are you ordering?:-- please complete this for each outfit --Link to character:
Colour palette (list or link):
Theme/Fashion style:
-- optional segments --Must-have clothing types:
Other must-haves:
References & Aesthetics:
What you absolutely do not want included:
Anything else:


How many outfits are you ordering?:
---◦ if 2 or more outfits share the same description, you just have to fill out the description once and let me know how many outfits it's for v
Link to character:
---◦ if you don't have a full reference yet, please tell me some important personality & appearance details
Colour palette (list or link):
---◦ you can leave this up to me but I don't recommend it! You may not like the colours I pick since colours & colour mixing is subjective. It doesn't have to be something I can colour drop from, you can just tell me things like "light pink", "dark green" etc. (I actually prefer it that way, tbh!)
Theme/Fashion style:
---◦ themes e.g. kawaii, autumn, fashion style e.g. decora, goth
-- optional segments --Must-have clothing types:
---◦ e.g. jacket, coat, dress
Other must-haves:
---◦ e.g. patterns, symbols
References & Aesthetics:
---◦ please specify if you want me to follow these strictly. I normally just use them as inspiration.
『 ! 』I will not imitate/heavily reference someone else's design unless you own it.
What you absolutely do not want included:
---◦ what do you really not want to see?
Anything else:
---◦ don’t worry – you can always contact me if you missed anything out in the form and think of it later (: I will do my best to accommodate it!


You can reach me through:Email: [email protected]
Discord: sacri#6484
deviantART notes